Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Christmas time AGAIN...already??

I don't know about you , but I feel like someone stole the past year from me and gave me
another Christmas in it's place! The older I get the years just seem to fly by.  In all reality
we all know that there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year, but
EVERY YEAR...but it sure seems to go faster to me. I just don't get it. 

I found this wreath on clearance this summer. I think technically it is a garland that
is rolled up, but I left it as is because I love the shape of it for a wreath.
I added the pine cone spray and greenery.

I have shared this picture with you before, but I love the sparkly garland that I added to it for the holidays.

The above candle-holders are another item that I picked up after Christmas one year at about 90% off.
They came from JoAnn Fabric.
Perfect sweater design and WHITE...does it get much better than that? :)

I have a thing for vintage silver ornaments and have quite a stash of them.
The older... the better.

I get these WONKY trees out every year and just laugh.
I call them my DR SUESS trees! haha!

They are the first trees I made with paper and I wasn't bright enough to realize the center
 wire or whatever you use, needs to be sturdy to actually stand up straight.

I LOVE them though.

You can move them this way and that way to your hearts desire. lol

Another TJ Maxx clearance find above...his and hers pillow for $12.

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour through my home this year. I could photograph much more, but
the lighting here stinks today so I quit while I was ahead. Also, I don't think you want to see
wrapping paper and trinkets all over the place. I do have it confined at this point to my dining
room table and love seat beside it, but it is still looking rather unruly.

Blessed Christmas to each and every one of you!!

Jesus is the reason for the season...


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chippy WHITE Project Finally Completed!

You know those projects that start out as one thing and then along the way they
morph into something else? Yep, that is how this project came about.

Do you remember this starting out as a bench/ potting bench. {If not I have added pics
at the bottom of this post} 

It was a potting bench that hubby and I created this past summer while he was laid off and
now it is a vanity on our back porch/ laundry/mud room. The vanity we had out here was


I didn't realize how nasty it was until we took it out. ugh. NO, I didn't take before pics.
I didn't even think about it. ha!

I was laying in bed one night with my mind racing a million miles an hour {couldn't sleep
AGAIN} Does that ever happen to you?

Well, I was thinking about the brand new porcelain sink that I had picked up at the Route 127
 garage sales in August for $15 and inspiration hit! Why not make the potting bench into
a vanity. We can always make another bench right??!! was on.

So, I timidly boldly broached the subject to my hubby.

He was INSTANTLY on board!! Can you believe it??  He is always indulging my whims,
but I know he secretly thinks knows I am crazy!!

So we got started and we both
how it turned out!

I had fun filling the little pockets/shelves with lotions , Christmas decor etc. Think of the
decorating possibilities. Unlimited! 

I thought my little white twig tree was perfect for this spot.

This mirror is old with some patina and a little cloudy, but I love it.

Do you see the Merry Christmas HUGE burlap piece?

It is a huge lavender sachet that I won a few years ago. In fact I won two of them along
with a burlap bag. These exact pieces were featured in a magazine and I forgot
what magazine! HA! Romantic Homes or Country Living or something. There
was a giveaway on a blog and I won. They still smell wonderful!

We picked out the perfect faucet for the sink. Whoever sees this almost always says,

"Does the sink really work"...ha! YES, it does! 

I used an old feed-sack to hang in front of the shelves at the bottom.
{After all I had to hide the plumbing. :) }

This is another corner of my porch where the vanity is.

I would show you all of it, but there is a bag of cat food, a can of kerosene and other
 "lovlies" sitting around that doesn't really make for pretty pics.
 Keeping it real here folks.

The long tin coat hanger is made from old tin ceiling panels from a store that I remember
 going to as a child. Loudens was the name and it was in Montpelier , Ohio. Loved that store!

Okay, here is how the vanity started out. I picked this up at a garage sale this past summer for $2.00!
It was a yucky bluish gray color and had a lot of grease on the top as it was used for a work bench.
I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and got it painted white.

Then it morphed into this potting bench above and now into my vanity.

Somehow I see a new potting bench in the works next summer. SMILE.
I will have to hit those garage sales again and see what I can find to start our project!

Yep...loving my new/old vanity!

Some of these photos are out of order , but oh well.

My dear friends... always remember that


no matter what is happening in our lives
that is one thing we can be sure of...Life is a beautiful thing!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sign, sign everywhere a sign ♪♫♪

I decided I better pop in here quick before you all thought I dropped off the face of the earth.
 I have been a busy beaver as of late. I have LOVED making these large signs.
Believe stands five feet tall, Peace is 4 feet tall and Joy is approx. 28 inches high or so.
I still have to touch up the ends of the JOY sign with white paint, but I will get
to that eventually. Now I am on the hunt for more old barn wood...the hunt that is never-ending
for all the things I want to create. :)

This has been a project of mine for a few weeks and it is finally done!

I L.O.V.E. it!!

Hubby did a lot of the work , but shh...:)

I hope to get it all decorated and do a post on it soon. It is the new vanity on our back porch.
Kicked the old ugly one to the curb. It really WAS ugly! I didn't realize HOW ugly
until we actually took it out. "shudder"

Do you recognize the wooden piece that we put the sink in? It is the "potting table" that hubby
 and I made this summer. I had a revelation one day to use it for this and hubs thought it
was a great idea! Love it when we agree! SMILE

It has been downright FRIGID in Michigan this week and this soup was on the menu!
Creamless Cauliflower Soup
They say that the US shattered over 100 records {or was that 1000?} in weather this year.

UGH! I don't like breaking a 150 year old records at this time of year!! No thanks, but we take
 what we get right? For some reason God must think we need this bitter cold so I am trying to
take it in stride. It will be in the 50's this weekend so you know what I am doing!


Christmas decor to be put up outside!

I made this yummy recipe of cauliflower soup that we watched being whipped up on America's
Test Kitchen from the warmth of our living room. I did google and find it on another site so
you can click here to get the recipe.

As usual I didn't have some of the ingredients so I winged it. I didn't have the chives, leek
or sherry vinegar, but it was still very tasty to me. My hubby added cheese to his and loved
it. He is a cheese man for sure. The butter drizzle was supposed to be browned, but obviously
I didn't get it browned. lol.

Do you have your Christmas shopping started? ME?? Barely. It gets harder every year.
I am thinking of opting out...:)


Monday, November 3, 2014

She's Here!!

Our 9th grandbaby is here!!! Straight from God's heart to ours!!

We made the trip out to Indiana on the Sunday after she was born to hold and snuggle this
newest little member of our family. She is so, so precious!!

Her siblings Keira and Kanaan think she is pretty nice also.

She is just a beautiful little treasure straight from heaven.  Oh how much God loves us
to bless us over and over again!

She is just a teeny little one and so perfect!

Here is yours truly...I am always looking at something. ha!!
Just wanted to share the joy with you!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please remove your shoes(and don't take a better pair when you leave!}

What do you think of this sign?

I just laughed and laughed when I first saw it, but I also thought I

We just put new carpet in the living room that is light
colored and no shoes are allowed nor is any food or drinks.

First time I saw the sign it was marked down from 19.99 to 14.99.
I didn't get it.

Next time it was marked down to 9.99.
I got it...and I LOVE it!

I've been doing a little decorating here and there. This is really not exactly like I want it, but
I got tired of messing with it so it is what it is. Does that ever happen to you?  Most days
I love to decorate, but some days it just doesn't fall together so I give up. yep.
I guess I'm a quitter...of sorts. :)

You are probably wondering what the BELIEVE chalkboard has to do with the decor.
Absolutely nothing! HA! It is my word of the year and has been there since
January 1 and I just can't change it. It was a very appropriate word I might add.
With all the changes our family has been through this year I have to BELIEVE
that everything will be okay.

I also wanted to share a new fountain with you that was just installed in Bryan, Ohio.
I call it a local town because we are there every other day it seems. Okay, maybe
not quite the often, but a lot!  Isn't the fountain just beautiful?

This is kinda random, but this past week a HUGE part of our willow tree

Hubby was contemplating cutting this part of the tree down because it was splitting, but
he didn't have a chance. We woke up one morning and he looked out the window like he
always does and said, "Well, I guess I don't have to cut the tree down". We were
floored! HOW did we not hear this huge tree fall in the night? 

Thanking God that it didn't come down on the house!
As you can see it just missed it so someone was looking out for us that is for sure.
I am also very thankful that it didn't come down when hubby or I were mowing
underneath it. That would not have been good.

We have a lot of it cut up and hauled off to an area on our property, but we still have the largest
part of the trunk to get cut up. We do a little at a time because we are OLD and we just
 can't handle hours and hours at a time. :)

While we were outside working on the tree, hubby showed me this hornets nest in another tree
in front of our house. There doesn't appear to be any activity at all so it must be an old one.

I just can't believe it is almost the end of October already!! The fall colors this year were
spectacular in Michigan! I took a lot of photos and am overwhelmed by the beauty that
God creates for us every year.

Oh, one more thing...we have a new granddaughter!!! Grandchild #9!! She was born
yesterday to my oldest son and his family. They now have three sweeties.
Keira, Kanaan and now Korrah  Michelle Boothman. She weighed 6 lbs and 8 ounces
and was 19.5 inches long. Born around 4:30 pm. We hope to visit them on Sunday
and get a few snuggles in.

Happy fall day to each and every one of you!!